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About Us

At Red Door Interiors, we specialize in the sophisticated-casual lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide you with furniture and accessories that fit the style and comfort you desire at prices you can afford. Make sure to take advantage of our free in home design service.

We can give you the look and design that you have always wanted. Contact us to make an appointment. 

We look forward to working with you soon!

-Connie & Robert Taylor, Owners

Design Center

At Red Door Interiors we make your design dreams come true using The Master Plan.

It starts with an in home consultation where we come to your home to evaluate all you have to work with including measurements, layout, and useable furniture pieces. We will get an idea of all the assets you have to work with and look for solutions to any problems you might have.

We will go through a list of questions to discover colors you would like to use along with styles and ideas that you have for the room.

Next we prepare a floor plan using your measurements so that we have an accurate to scale layout of your home. We will put together furniture pieces, fabrics, and accessories based on your budget. This takes around 5 business days.

Next we will have a meeting at the store to discuss our Master Plan for your home. We will go over the layout, furniture pieces, design options, and accessories with you. We will answer any question and make alterations based on what you want.

At that time we can work with you on getting any of the plan ordered. We keep the plan on file for you so that it is available in future when you desire to take future steps towards your Master Plan.

We feel this plan helps you make a good decision early to help avoid making costly mistakes or buying items you do not need. We have been using this concept for 30 years and have helped 1000's of families get the beautiful home they desire.

Contact us to set up an appointment today or come by our store to see what we have to offer.